Amo union

Is there anybody who can tell me more about AMO and new applicants?I did 4 years in the Navy,got hired by MSC right after that and 2years later I have my 3rd a/e motor unlimited. I’m getting ready to join AMO but my biggest concern is that i haven’t sailed as a 3rd yet and I know comercial shipping is a lot more different than MSC.Am I going to get a chance to proove myself and do i even have a chance to get a 3rd job? Your feedbacks are greatly appreciated:)

AMO will gladly accept you as an applicant if you hold your 3 A/E license. You should not have any trouble getting a 3rd’s job soon after registration, as engineers are in greater demand than mates. AMO has many contracted companies with defense contracts for which you would be a good candidate due to your previous Navy/MSC time. Contact dispatching at 1-800-345-3410.

I’ve seen lots of 3A/E jobs on USNS ships through AMO. You should be a nice fit.

Thanks a lot for the good info:)