Planning to sail AMO while still Employed by MSC


I’m an Engine UtIlityman with MSC. I have a 3AE License but I can’t sail as a 3AE because I am not permanent. I had a chance to sail as a temporary 3rd but I got bumped down by permanent guys. I heard they complain about it. I have to wait every year for the merit promotion to submit my KSA. Nowadays, my chance of getting a permanent position with MSC is slim for now because they overhired 3AE’s. My friend suggested to try AMO and sail as a 3AE while on leave status without pay for 5months. I’m not planning to quit MSC yet, if I like AMO then I’ll put in my resignation. As an EU , I am losing money. I am not sure if it’s a wise decision to go AMO, because MSC is a stable job. So I’m still debating. Or maybe I just worry for a change.


Go for it. I know mates who do it. Register, wait until your card gets old and when you go on leave try getting a relief job. A few more night mate. I don’t know engineers who’ve done it but I don’t see the difference.


You’re thinking of MMP. AMO doesn’t have cards or nightmates. In this guy’s case MEBA would provide those things for a 3 AE.

To the OP. If you do attempt this, mums the word to anyone onboard either of your ships. Also, be prepared for a large culture shock leaving MSC for commercial.