Licensed 3/M sailing with SIU as AB?

I graduated from SUNY this past year with a 3/M and am looking so go deep sea. Any opinions on sailing as an AB with SIU with hopes of getting a 3/M position through them?
I’ve been told I could be waiting a while for a 3/M gig if I go the MMP route and I’m looking to ship out ASAP

Are you working now? Any endorsements/training?

Take the AB spot and work your way up. Just because you have the 3rd mate license does not mean you will get a 3rds spot. I know several people who work in crewing for union companies, and people who take lower positions always fair better in the long run. Build a good reputation for yourself, most won’t give you it just because you have it or feel as though you deserve it.

‘Hands on’ experience on deck is not wasted time.

I’d say join both SIU and MMP.

Age your MMP shipping card while sailing AB at SIU.

Time sailing as AB counts toward 2nd mate on a 2 for 1 basis.

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Only up to 180 days, I believe.

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Correct, see 46 CFR 11.406.


Yes, 360 days sailing AB gets you halfway to second mate.

The OSV companies are hiring mates at about the same wages as a deep sea AB. That might be a better way to go.

Apply at MSC. you’ll get up to the wheelhouse pretty quick.

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Was thinking the same thing 23

Make no mistake, you won’t be happy, but you will be wheelhouse fast. MSC has very quick churn and way more 3M positions than any other place

Or you could join AMO and take one of the third mate jobs that keeps coming up on the board and skip sailing AB all together

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