AMO vs. MMP vs. MEBA vs. Private Companies

Hello, I recently passed my 3rd mates test and am wondering about employment. I don’t know whether to join a union right away (or which one) or apply to private companies? Any help and information on each union or some private companies would be appreciated!

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What endorsements do you have on your license? There are more tanker 3M jobs in the US Jones Act fleet then the rest of the fleet combined but if you don’t have the Tankerman PIC endorsement on your license you can basically forget about those.

Do you want to work in the US Jones Act fleet?

Do you want to work for MSC?

Do you want to work on the Great Lakes?

More importantly (or so it seems) who do you know that can get you a Third Mate job? (Such as a crewing manager)

Hey, thanks for the reply. I do have my Tankerman PIC credential and want to work in the US Jones Act Fleet! I do not have many connections yet as I do still have to graduate from school in January but working each day on the future of my career! I am hopeful, too, that I get a job operating in blue water

After you graduate send a completed application to AMO. because you are PIC you have a leg up on other applications. Where did you get your PIC?
The application to AMO will not cost you anything. You don’t pay dues until you have a job.