New 3M waiting on license looking for employment

I just passed the 3M unlimited exam last week. I am currently waiting for my license. While I have this time I am trying to figure out the best route to take in landing a deep sea job. I hear from people it is impossible in today’s times. I have a PIC endorsement on my license and would like to try the union route. Do you think I can land a job through MMP or AMO? I will take any job, it does not have to be union. I just could use some advice on starting out.


go to the Jobs page and you’ll see both Chevron and Conoco Phillips seeking third mates.

I’ve applied at both Chevron and ConocoPhillips and they aren’t actually hiring. Those postings are always up and when ever they need someone they go to the pool of applicants. so in other words they don’t need anyone right now. Also I recently spoke with someone from AMO and there are 40 new 3/m Applicants in line 20 of which have their PIC, just to give you an idea of the wait time