Deep Sea Jobs


Anybody know of any companies looking to hire 3/M’s for deep sea jobs? I’m not talking about DP slots - I know there are a lot of those open, but straight deep sea shipping jobs. Any advice greatly appreciated.




I worked for AHL Shipping- it’s tanker work, if you’ve got a PIC, or are looking to get one. Modest pay, but a very good company to work for. Great people. It’s an MMP-contracted company, but you can call the office and get details.<br><br><br><br>


New3M,<br><br>What are you looking for? Union, Non-Union, tankers, RO/RO’s, Containers…give us an idea in which direction to send you in.<br><br>Did you go to school, or did you hawsepipe it? Residing on the East Coast, or West Coast?<br><br>Let us know…


El Capitan,<br><br>At this point, I don’t really care what it is - I’m not one of those guys who is set to sail on a tanker or a Ro/Ro - unlimited time is all I’m really looking for. I suppose Non-Union would be preferable right now, since AMO’s books are closed, and I don’t live within reasonable distance to a MMP/MEBA hall to go visit them every day (I’m in CT).<br><br>I’m a Schuyler grad, class of '07, and then stuck around there and got my Master’s degree in another year. I know that I could find work shoreside right now working in an office, but that’s not really what I’m looking to do right now. I want to sail and upgrade my license, and hopefully sail as Master someday. But, right now, a 3/M ticket would be just fine. <br><br>Any thoughts?<br><br>Thanks,<br>New3M


Yes, AMO’s books are closed, but they are still allowing the occasional applicant in from what I’ve gathered. You have to be an applicant, before you can get your book. But keep that in the back of your mind for right now.<br><br>From listening to my friends in the industry right at this particular moment in time, Deep Sea shipping is taking it in the shorts. The most prolific area seems to be the offshore, and the drillship industries at the moment, and there are obviously quite a few unlimited tonnage opportunities available in both. You may just want to bite the bullet, and try it.<br><br>You may also want to try one of the manning agencies, such as Capt. Sweeny’s agency that can be found here - Maritime Headhunters and that John recommended to another mariner last night. I can tell you that I do know someone that put forth their information to Capt. Sweeny not too long ago, and they had three solid offers in a period of two weeks.<br><br>If you’d like some contact numbers for anything else, let me know and we’ll excange some info.


New3M,<br> Here’s an idea. Go to the Miami River as I did many years ago. Hang around the river front, tell them you have a ticket and will work for peanuts. As an aspiring engineer I did this in the process acquired way more fun and education than I bargained for. I later went back to school, got a more formal education and should have retired a few years ago but I still enjoy this foolishness. BUT I learned more working on those old ships in a couple of years traveling around the Carib and South America than I did until many years later. I learned the business of shipping which is all important if you are to work outside of the oil industry. It was fun at the time, I made todays equivalent of about $400/month but we had a ball and worked our butts off. There’s not too many ships still sailing where the captain calls the chief and says, “Make sure all your guys have the ‘ladies’ off as I already have taken care of the deck gals. We’re leaving.” What an experience that was. <br>Tengineer