USCG Deck Question Banks

Did anyone happen to download the latest (post 2014 I guess, possibly 2016 updates?) deck question banks before USCG pulled them off of the website last year?

The only people that I’ve found who have them are only interested in making money with them by building study sites out of them and charging people to use them, and sadly aren’t interested in sharing the banks. I meant to grab them when they were up on the site, but by the time I found out that they were taking them down, they were already gone.

Anyone have a copy that they wouldn’t mind sharing?


Do you still need these?

I do!

I pulled them a little less than a month before they were removed. PM me an email address, and I’ll send them over.

Absolutely incredible! Done… Thanks so much man!

Hey, OceanGoat. I wish USCG hadn’t changed their policy on posting the q’s. Any chance you could PM me?

Sure can.

O.G: I am another who would appreciate a look at the ? bank. Glad to see that there are people who value cooperation and community. JN.

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I’ll get them right to you. Just PM me your email address.

OceanGoat: I would be very grateful if you could send me the question bank as well. Thank you for your consideration.

OceanGoat: Please forgive multiple posts requesting question banks, I accidentally replied to Seadjon thinking it was you. I’d be very grateful to obtain this info from you as well, thank you for your consideration.

OceanGoat do you still have the test bank and can you send to me @ would appreciate it Thanks

A little late to the party, does anyone have the current question banks?

Nero87 if you find let me know looking for it also. Thx

Is there any way I could get the test banks from you?

I believe I still have these. PM me your email and I’ll send them over.

Just so everyone’s clear, no one has the current question banks as they’re not publicly available. Some people still have the old publicly released question banks which are still very similar to the ones currently in use. The more time passes the less similar they’ll be to what’s currently in use by the USCG though.

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Wow, so happy I found this old thread. OceanGoat, I sent you a PM, if you can still share the question bank that would be awesome! I have been using one of the pay sites but fortunately it is on free trial for a month ( if that helps anyone) but having my own copy would be really useful.