Exam Questions

A fews months ago someone posted a link for a website that had sample tests of the Coast Guard questions…It was an interactive site…I have looked everywhere and can’t find it…If you have it would you mind posting it again…Thank You

Maybe not the same but try hawsepipe.net

…I finally found the one I was looking for… I was hoping that it had the Tankerman /DL questions too but no luck…I’ll try yours…Thank you Seadog!

lapware. A bargain at twice the price.

uscgq.com is another site that’s free and supposedly has all the questions on it. similar to lapware.

.www.seasources.net is an excellent test prep site. They give 20 question exams. They also keep track of your scores and how many times you’ve taken a particular exam. They have things broken down by category and then several 20 question tests within each category. THey cover every question in the USCG exam bank, are up to date, and even have the GMDSS test questions.

@ New3M
uscgq.com does have the entire coast guard question bank. However, they are only in the beta stages and don’t have the variety of user options as apposed to lapware.

I like it, that’s a good study site for general practice~ but for coast guard exams, I would suggest lapware.

Yea, I just stumbled upon that site a couple weeks ago, but mentioned it because it’s free. For the $50 a month that lapware costs, it is WELL worth the money. You can make a test for any level of license, they’ll actually explain to you the answers to stability questions and the crazy tide and current questions. Best resource out there for studying.

You can find the actual questions used in the USCG exams on their web site, and down load them in pdf or Excel format.

Also the Murphy books for the deck side - broken up into 7 different books, essentailly 1 for each test (sort of). Groups the questions together by category and topic. Set is somewhere around $250, but a great resource.