New questions bank and what it means for lap

There is no question lapware is the way to go for license prep.
Ill definately still be using them but here is my naiive question: when sitting for upgrade in jan 2018 can I expect SOME of the questions to be from the published and therefore workable through lapware?
Or is it all “more or less a guideline” now ?

Memorizing test questions is no way to prove your competence. Actually learn the material, which for the navigation and stability problems lapware is quite good for in my opinion.

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It seems to me that coastguard exam and proving your competence are mutualy exclusive …
Advice aside (thanks though)
My question was:
Can one still rely on lapware or has the coastguard departed entirely from the former questions

The questions are updated the wording is different. As Traitor Yankee points out Lapware is quite good I found the solutions the most help covering material I needed work on.

Correct, only if you’re not given the opportunity to memorize the questions.


For the engineer exams, a large % of the questions are bullshit trivia and not conceptual or theory based at all. And multiples are even wrong.

How about this: Two 100 Watt light bulbs wired in parallel consume how much power? The USCG says 100 Watts.

Has anyone else had a problem with Lapware? It seems like all of the links are down for the last several days. I have emailed with no response. I also emailed Richard Plant and got a mailer deamon. And when you call the 410-544-4732 number, it has a rapid busy tone. Anyone have any ideas whats up?

A bit. My problem was that it kept asking me to clear out the cookies. I use Chrome as my main internet browser. Lapware is not working real good on that but is opening for me fine on Microsoft Edge.

Yes that was it! Thank you. I have no idea why but they tell you, you must have chrome, but it dosent work with chrome…odd

you mind if I ask a few questions? I am brand new to lapwre. As I say I purchased it, and never got it to work until just now by not using chrome. So when I purchased it, I purchased the package it said to purchase if you qualified under the old rules, which I do. however now when I open the question banks, I see multiple types of questions including new questions?