i am getting ready to sit for my 100T, i purchased a book called get your captains license and it supposedly has all 15,000 uscg questions in it. i recently came across lapware and i see you can put in your testing module to narrow down the questions. does this mean instead of 5,000 deck gen questions to study it will narrow it down to a reasonable 200-300 questions? also would this be worth getting because it is a little expensive and i dont want to to be like everything else and have questions that are so far fetched the uscg will never have them on a test!

Lapware is badass. No it doesn’t narrow down the test bank. It generates tests based on your module, that narrows down the bank. The bank has a lot of the same questions phrased differently. The 100 ton test bank should not be all 15000.

If you are going to a school then there is no need to waste the money for 100 ton.

i went to school for the apprentice mate but not going to school for the 100 ton. i am just worried that its going to be the same questions already in my book, but the narrowing it down to the test module seems like it will eliminate a lot of the questions!

If you take the 100 ton, you can take the AB test as it seemed to be the same test except for plotting.

For what it is worth, Lapware has gotten me through the 3/M unlimited test as well as 2/M to 1600 Master exam, Richard Plant has done an excellent job in creating such a useful tool. This being said, I would still recommend having some other resources. Good Luck!

I just graduated the 1600 ton program at SUNY. Lapware is the standard license prep tool for us. We have a higher pass rate than the unlimited students, who have the benefit of an entire semester if licence seminar. It’s worth the money, you’ll make it back on your first hitch.

Lapware is worth the money in my opinion. I used to do a couple of practice exams after watch every night lying in my rack. I pounded Rules of the Road into my thick skull with Lapware. I think the price has jumped quite a bit since then though.