Is Lapware still worth it? (1600 ton mate exam)

Has anyone used LAPWARE recently for the 1600 ton Near Coastal mate exam? I heard the exam changed and that LAPWARE is no longer a great option. I would love to use it - I’ve heard it used to be the best, but I want to make sure it’s still relevant. If anyone has used it in the last year or so I’d love to hear from you.

I have Lapware, upgrade U and mariner advancement this 1600 ton NC is no joke I test Tuesday and I don’t know if I’m ready I’ve been studying 4 modules religiously in the attempt to lock-in those scores. I go through sample examinations off the Uscg website everyday go through hundreds of questions everyday and take a minimum of 3 exams everyday some days I pass with 71 and some days fail with 66 and the same on the 90% test some days 88 some days 96% they have made this test miserably difficult I know these old heads will say otherwise this test is ridiculously hard and unfair compared to 10 years ago

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I haven’t used lapware in years, but I am always curious about what expectations people have when they evaluate a particular software platform.

Do you intend to use the software to learn the concepts and how to apply them? Or, do you want to rely on memorizing the EXACT test questions?

Conceptually, I found lapware was a tremendous asset. And I can’t imagine that the concepts have changed… just saying

If you can clarify your goals, it might help others formulate a reply.

I often wonder about the amount of time spent memorizing a base of thousands of questions vs the time necessary to learn the concepts and how to apply them to hundreds of questions. Both require the dedication to cover the entire scope and test before you start forgetting everything.

Good luck either way!

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There is nothing wrong with the software. Any of them the problem lies when you don’t know if you are studying the correct questions you have new and old and Lapware is really the only one that assures you are looking at the correct bank if you have your letter to test. And the “learn the concepts spill” is a bit redundant sure you can learn the lights, buoys, hurricanes azimuths, amplitudes, tides, rules, and many more but it boils down to half of the bank being sheer memory of definitions