Lapware Question

I’m studying for 1600 Ton Master and Mate. I’ve heard about Lapware for use as a study tool. Other than having a internet connection are there any downsides to it?

Last I used lapware, which was around 2015-16, I had issues with the program glitching out during a practice test. Re-booting the program would solve the problem, however it got a little annoying.
I emailed lapware about the problem and they did make an effort to resolve it, however since I haven’t used it since then I am not aware if it is an issue, still…
I suspect a big part of the issue with me was sometimes I was using my boats wifi and other times I was using my mobile hotspot. I forget but the crashes would happen with one more than the other.

Do yourself a favor. Do not assume the exact tests you are practicing are what you will see in the test room. For example, when I upgraded nav general was nothing like my practice exam. I would go through the entire question bank in addition to generating practice tests.

Other than that it was a great program. I used it a couple different times over the last few years and would use it again.

A few months ago I finished testing for my 1600 Master. I thought LAPWARE was great. I did spend a few months studying out of the “Maritime Education Textbooks” and then spent my final month of studying using LAPWARE exclusivly. For my particular modules there were a total of around 5,000 potential test questions in the test-bank and yes, I went through every one of them. I also took numerous practice tests. I would definatly use it again, I thought it was the perfect tool if uses correctly.

Studying the references and following up with lapware sounds like a winner since I am without internet a lot of the time and how expensive lapware can be. Thank you for the info.

No problem. And as far as the material in LAPWARE is concerned. I tested on the old questions/modules and I found that the questions in LAPWARE were spot on, I’d say that probably 95% of the study questions were exact on my exams. Good luck.

Great info! Thank you. Now my next question have to do with taking the old test since my sea time was prior to 2014 or text the test under the new rules which I would have to request. Any reason why I should do one or the other?

I used both Lapware and Captain Joe’s. I found “Captain Joe’s” as in the study software Captain Joe Lobo developed had more pragmatic solutions and an easier to understand methodology than Lapware. Mr Plant who developed Lapware if I am not mistaken brilliantly used math solution for everything, but at times graphical solutions are easier to follow. Lapware’s exams is one advantage over other software as well. I am sure certain forum members would not recommend Captain Joe because his past affiliation with the AMO affiliated STAR Center and their innate hatred and prejudice against AMO and STAR. You can use Captain Joe as a standalone resource without internet connectivity which is an issue when studying aboard ship at sea. I would recommend using both Captain Joe (very low price and can be found online) and Lapware as well as Upgrade U which many used with great results. One last comment is I DID NOT APPRECIATE imbedded sly but not very cleverly imbedded insults which Mr. Plant incorporated into Lapware insulting Mr. Joe Lobo and his software. I personally know Mr. Lobo and he is a dedicated master mariner and educator. That was very unprofessional and vindictive from someone affiliated with another union. Perhaps that insults have since been removed.

Me too. The capt joe CD is awesome. I was able to grasp some things better with his explanation as opposed to lapware.
Its good to use more than one source for the studying definately.

Awesome info you all. Thank you I will definitely check out Captain Joes since I spend a good portion of time oboard and with no internet. Our ship gets internet but being in Alaska and working in far northern latitudes it’s spotty at best. I do qualify to take test under the rules prior to 2014 since my sea service started in 2000, is that better than studying under the new rules? I noticed Lapware has two different programs for each.