Anyone use Lapware recently, I’m preparing for masters RIG and thinking about giving it try. Any insight would be appreciated.

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I don’t know about the deck side, but I enjoyed using it. Unless it’s changed, you need a good Internet connection to use it, which may be a problem at sea. I think you just pay for the period of time you need it for.

Lapware was critical in my deck license upgrade a few years back. Great explanations for the charting and terrestrial material.

Downside is, you pay by the month and a good internet connection is required, like cat said. Not that big a deal if you are at home for a few months and cramming. Trying to study on board, may not be too cost effective or practical.

Thank you guys for info! I’ll wait till I’m back on shore

Lapware was the absolute best. Only thing I didn’t do was learn their formulas and learned formulas from Bowditch since that will be in the testing room. You have to have internet service in order to use.