Studying for Chief Mate

I’ve been studying for Chief Mate using Lapware but there are thousands of questions, there must be a better way to focus my time. To those that have recently passed Chief Mate how did you prepare?

I used Lapware and Captain Joe’s for problems. Each has strengths and weakness, sometimes you have to check both solutions to find out which method makes sense to you. I only used these for problems that must be worked down.

Use UpgradeU app on your phone to scroll through the thousands of multiple choice questions, any time you are just sitting around somewhere start rolling through them. Do it enough and somehow you’ll remember them all for the exam.


Started each day with 100 RoR questions, then coffee. Picked a “topic for the day”, say stability, ran 100 questions including working through the math, lunch break, and more coffee. After lunch reviewed items that gave me trouble in morning, then finished the day with 50-100 RoR. Beer.

With Lapware, you can drill down and target any areas that are a struggle by selecting test bank, topic sub topic, and so on. I am somewhat of a perfectionist so I spent A LOT of time studying. Don’t waste time in what you already know, but try and run each chart plot at least once so you are familiar.


LAP at mitags. If you go into the class having already spent a month on lapware studying, you will most likely pass. I needed the structure of a class and it worked. I paid out of pocket As did 3 or 4 others in my class.

Is working? I havent been able to login for 2 days.

Can go to fine, its the login page that seems broken. Sent a support request already and still waiting for reply. Not sure, is it just me?

having the same trouble today

Can’t answer if it’s working but in 2019 I used lapware. I’d do a few hours a day of multiple choice then a few hours of math- stability, cel nav, whatever I needed to improve on.