3rd/2nd Mate Exam Prep

Hello All,
Current senior here studying for mates. What is the best way to use Lapware to my advance for studying for mates? Especially for Nav Gen, Deck Gen, & Deck Safety. I find this whole task to be daunting and am looking for advice how to break things down. I am trying to find away to go through test bank by test bank but not sure how to configure the settings to do that. The tests it generates only show 100 at a time. Is using the review questions tab the way to go? Which “exams” should I study? Are there any other resources anyone recommends?

What school you at? They haven’t showed you how to use it in seminar?

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I found the best way to do it is to make practice test after practice test for the modules you’ll be testing for. Each module has a number, for example, Q114. Select that when generating practice test, and keep making new ones to test, rinse and repeat for every module. I found the review question portion of Lapware to be almost useless. There’s not a shuffle question button, so you will get question after question of one question reworded in one specific genre over and over again.

I didn’t like Lapware when I was studying for those tests, I used https://www.uscgq.com/ instead.