Studying for Chief Mate Near Coastal

Got my Approval to Test letter so it’s time to serious about studying, right now I’m using my old Master and Mate 1600 ton material to study as well as Upgrade U app. Has anyone used apps such as Sea Trials or Upgrade U? I’ve searched and read old posts but want to know what is being used currently.

Things haven’t changed much.
I use Captain Joe’s and Lapware for sitting down and studying problems. Each has their pro’s and cons, when one explanation doesn’t make sense to me I look at the other one. Between the two you can usually figure out any problem.

Down time at work, traveling, or chilling at home, I scroll through multiple choice questions on UpgradeU.

UpgradeU is great for deck gen, safety, and rules where it’s all familiarizing yourself with the questions and repetition. I used to do tests while I was watching tv or taking a dump.

Nothing beats Lapware for sit down studying, especially with all the worked out solutions right there.