Test Prep on a Mac?

I’m trying to practice for my 3rd AE and DDE Unlimited. So far the only practice tests I can find that will run on Mac OS are online only, and I would like to be able to study while I’m offshore and have no signal. Anyone sell software that can run right on a mac that I’m just not finding? I’d rather not install windows, but I guess I will if I have to.Thanks

Gonna have to install windows. I searched and searched! Upgrade U works on the iPhone, if that’s any consolation.

Yeah…Lapware ONLY. Although Upgrade U is actually worth buying an iPhone for. I also have Captain Joes on CD but I wound up using a Windows laptop instead of “Bootcamping” my Mac.

Yeah, that’s what I did, essentially as well. But honestly I find myself using Upgrade U more than anything. It’s set up well, kept up to date, and is rather convenient to use, leaving no excuses to not studying.

Lapware is the shiznit. I used it for my 3rd mate lic. I also just purchased the Upgrade U app for iPhone. Pretty fuckin cool set-up. As stated above, no excuses anymore. Time to get 1600ton master.

I got upgrade u on my phone thinking I would be able to study for my 1600 master test from 2nd mate and I’m lost trying to set it up for that. Great app tho for others trying to study.

Do you even have to test going from 2nd to 1600 master???

Yes, it’s a 70 question test that covers Nav General, Deck General, and Deck Safety.

Lapware has the exact test module to study. I took it at the REC last month and with just a little studying easily passed with an 83%. Lapware tests had fuel consumption, rolling period, and other stability problems, however when I took the test at the REC I only had one stability formula problem( off center wait, angle of list), no other formula problems. The test did have a lot more CFR questions than I had seen before and didn’t have any of the AMVER or naval control of shipping questions that you can look up in Pub. 117.

Edit: I was beat to it!

Yes. It’s a 70 question test on a wide array of topics from ice navigation, nomenclature to ships business. I studied with Lapware for a couple of weeks and passed with no problem.