500/1600 ton test

Has any one taken the exam recently ? trying to find out how difficult . I will be going from 200 ton master OICNW NC , and I am studying the Murphy books 2011 edition .

The problem with the Murphy Books, unless they have changed, is that it they are geared for unlimited tickets, and don’t separate the material for Master 1600. Mine ended up getting very little use.

I ended up using Capt. Joe’s, which allows you to print out solutions to study, and you do not need an internet connection or monthly fees, But that was a few years ago. Others swear by Lapware.

lapware. thats it and thats all.

Thanks for the info . I agree the murphy books would be alot better if they split the material up. Guess I will have to check out the lapware .

I’ve never tried lapware, I stick to Freelance Software.


Lapware! Enough said!

I tested two weeks ago. Lapware practice tests for the T-nav section were pretty spot on. I read the murphy books cover to cover to study deck safety and the generals. Captain Joes was nice also because it breaks down problems requiring formulas and figuring.

Lapware is all you need. Best study material I could find.

Just completed the upgrade from master 100 to master 500grt/3,000 itc OSV three weeks ago. I used lapware and can’t say enough about how good it is. Use it and you will not go wrong! It is a tough test. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Get lapware and study like crazy every spare minute that you have! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me anytime! Always glad to help someone trying to better themselves.

Lapware > hawspipe

seems like the lapware is everybodys favorite, but i just checked out the Capt.Joes site for the money it looks like a great product he also has a new 2013 edition with all the new USCG questions . I will probably use both I need all the help i can get !!!

[QUOTE=Two Wheels;114827]seems like the lapware is everybodys favorite, but i just checked out the Capt.Joes site for the money it looks like a great product he also has a new 2013 edition with all the new USCG questions . I will probably use both I need all the help i can get !!![/QUOTE]

You’ll do fine with that. When you get down to it they are all just Murphy books on a program. I used Cap’n Joes also just because of the solution part, it does come in handy sometimes.

All the advise I can give is study, study and study. Know what is in the testing room and how to use it. That will cut down on some study but… refer to study, study and study.

Good Luck…

Just my $0.02 (and I like to save them where I can), but Lapware is pretty spendy. Most people spend many months studying for USCG exams, so it might be good to use a lower cost option like Capt Joe’s for awhile, and then subscribe to Lapware a month or two before you plan to test for a final preparation.

I used it for three months. The thing that was nice from lapware is that you can download all of the publications and look at the solution anytime to find your mistakes. The next tested upgrade that I do, I will use it again without question.

I just sat for 3rd AGT last week. It’s a tough set of tests. Unfortunately I have to retake the safety test. I studied the least amount for that section with the exception of many hours studying stability. I was relying on the fact that I’m pretty good at navigating the CFR’s. It still wasnt good enough. That 3.5 hours goes by fast when your looking up shit in the CFR’s. I started studying with Lapware and didn’t like the solutions. I also tried to use Formulae for the Mariner…same Author as Lapware inventor. I found out that there is more than one way to work out problems…actually several ways. I shifted gears and purchased Capt. JOE’S and Hawsepipe.net CD. I used SEASOURCES.NET, USCGQ.COM, PDF printout from the nmc website all current questions. And I have 2010 Murphy Books. It turns out I was not studying properly. Bayrunner posted a couple of weeks ago that he used stacks of Lapware printed tests. I followed his lead and ultimately thats what worked for me. I ended back at the beginning and used Lapware. Capt Joe’s is very good for all of the illustrations and math solutions. I didn’t find the hawsepipe cd that useful. However, if you don’t have any of the reference materials like the pubs…get that cd…all of them are on there. I completely duplicated the allowed reference material in the exam room in paper form and filled my office shelves so i didn’t really use the cd. Whatever you do, Buy a copy of the 1981 Bowditch. It’s the muthafuckin shiznit!! There are an amazing amount of answers to be found in the glossary and appendixes. If you’re not into trig learn to use the tables. Table 36 is great for zone descriptions…no doubts when you ref that table. Rules is the same for all licenses. So just study the crap out of them. Buy the book and read it cover to cover. Many questions are exact quotes from the book. T-nav is what it is. There are around 35 possible scenarios for a 10 question test. So you better be able to do ALL OF THEM. The chart plot is pretty cut and dry. That is my favorite test/section…I enjoy plotting so it was very easy for me. Be sure to know you time/speed/distance calculations. You will use them non-stop from basic piloting to set and drift to bearing and time abeam problems. I recommend buying the pubs from Sandwich Ship Supply in Mass. You’ll need the coast pilot for chart plots anyway. You’ll need the tide and tidal current pub for t nav. I got a hold of the stability illustrations as well. Be sure to also have a copy of the illustrations book. I made a second copy and spiral bound it fot easy use and wrote all over it. Some illustrations only have certain questions so you can basically memorize them. OR you can just use electronic versions. I am a new school drop out…I like paper and books. Repetition is key. Just go over the material over and over. Do an hour and take a short break. I hit max overload a couple of times and hit the wall…no retention at all. Anyway, I hope this helps.

This forum is great I really appreciate every ones input I got to get a copy of Bowditch 1981 for sure I am still two STCW classes away from testing so I still have plenty of time to study and study and study and study !! Thanks

FYI, when you get lapware, you can download a PDF of Bowditch 1981.

Roger that

Hey Capt. I’m getting all my endorsements to put my packet together and wanted to ask you if you had “flashing lights” before you sent in your packet to the CG? Or can you send it in later after you’ve been approved to test?

… — … The way I am going about it is get all my STCW requirements done before I even apply to test . I am pretty sure thats the way to go about it .( - - - …- . .-. )