Study guides for 1600 GRT master

I know this has been covered but Im finishing all my coursework for a 1600 ton upgrade and was wondering about study guides for the actual test. Murphy books seem to be the standard for something I can bring on the boat to study and lapware for at the house(no internet on boat)? Are there any other items I should utilize while offshore? Catching a bow line will be a regular occurance here very soon and I will have some time…

Assuming you have a laptop along, there are several good CD’s for studying. has CD’s available for the specific level you need, i.e. 500/1600 T Master, etc., so you don’t have to filter out all the unnecessary study material.

Capt. Joe’s is also great, and includes solutions to the problems, so far I haven’t found on the CD. But you do have to do your own filtering with Capt. Joe’s, too.

It will be interesting to see what others post here. Good luck with the studying, and the test.

Hey rigdvr, I’ve got the Capt Joe CD. Its easy to use and contains the solutions to navigation problems as well. Its only $59.00 too, if I remember correctly.

I just passed this exam a few months ago w/ the help of Capt Joes and Lapware. The Capt Joes was good when there was no internet around and the Lapware was well worth the money when I could use the internet.

I have an ULE on the boat using the hawsepipe cds right now and he likes them, I have no experience with them myself though.

Good luck, it’s nice when you finally put that test behind you!! Also don’t forget to have your Bowditch, sight reduction tables and Nautical almanac around for Terrestrial ( all can be found on digital formats ). If you don’t find it around I have the Nautical almanac, pub 229 and maneuvering board saved on the computer. I’ve also got all of the stability , and question books the coast guard took down off the site if anyone needs that stuff.

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