New to forum....Hello and thanks

I just joined your forum today, after several days of reading threads. I have to say thanks to all the great contributors who have passed on some good advice and knowledge.

I am studying for my 500 GRT Masters, and have found several very useful threads w/ links to some great programs to assist in studying. I have to finish taking MCP, AFF and FL and will be submitting my application to my REC for approval at that point.

I currently work in the GOM running a DSV, and it’s nice to have come across this forum which has so many “professional” mariners…because sometimes I need a break from the “bayou”, and this place is helping quite a bit! :smiley:

I just ordered Capt Joes this am, and w/o your great contributions, I am not sure I would have known about the program.

Again, thanks for all the help you have indirectly given thus far. I hope to keep the knowledge and sharing going w/ my experiences and input.

Very nice post, welcome aboard…

Uh… I’m moving in this direction
(upward) too…
I’m guessing “capt joes” is a study guide,
I did a search, unfortunately found nada…
Will you guys elaborate please???
and welcome …though…i’m kinda new too.


Capt. Joe’s link…

Welcome to the board. I’m also a greenhorn. This forum is absolutely INVALUABLE.

I hope to be able to give as much as I’ve gotten in time.



Capt. Joe’s link…[/QUOTE]

Seadawg, I know you have been at this game along time and also have been an instructor…I would like you opinion on the type of study material, you would recommend?

Welcome to the forum, glad you found us and glad you’re finding what you need here.


I second Shell’s query.
I’ve heard of Joe’s and
Murphy’s deck guides too.
I’d love to hear a more knowledgeable
opinion on guides, these two, or others.

The Murphy books are great for studying for the exam. That being said, they will NOT teach you the material. Once you have taken the classes and are ready to start studying for the exam, the Murphy books are the place to go. They will enable you to pinpoint the types of problems you are having problems with. The morning of the exam, I like to read through the questions for that section - just read the question and read the answer - chances are, you will recognize 60% of the questions when you go to take the exam. Note - this doesn’t apply to a celestial exam or chart problem. I never had the opportunity to use the online study guide - need another opinion on that.

**there are many good posts on this forum regarding these materials!!


Capt. Joe’s:


Murphy books:

Shellback I PMed you is a decent on-line study resource.

Lapware was developed by Richard M. Plant [I](Formulae for the Mariner)[/I] and Captain Joseph S. Murphy, II [I](Murphy Books)[/I].

Lapware uses the same grouping as the Murphy books which can be extremely helpful when you’re having trouble in one particular area. You also have the ability to search the questions. One key advantage with Lapware are the solutions. For an involved Stability question for example, you can click on “Solution” and it will bring up a page (or pages) with the solution worked out, from start to finish.

A problem with the solutions is that you can’t print them or save them to reference later, but I also understand why.