Captain Joe's Deck License

I recently received Captain Joe’s Deck License software and so far I’m not impressed. If you’ve used his program please give me your 2 cents. It doesn’t have directions on how to go about using his software. Any suggestions? I am trying to prepare for the 500 ton near coastal exam.

I purchased it myself recently and I think I understand what you mean as far as guidance on how to use it. My approach has been to tackle subjects separately , become efficient, test , rinse/repeat. I haven’t made it to the TNav/ Clestial portion yet as I’m warming myself up to the program as well.

I used to have it 8 years ago. Back then they sent a cd to you. You also had to have power point software to watch the videos. How do they do it now. Do you just download the software or is it on a zip drive. I am interested in getting it again.

It was sent to me a few days back on a thumb drive. The interface is somewhat outdated but is user friendly in my opinion.

How did you get started?

To get my feet wet, I jumped into everything not involving a formula to solve ( ROR, Parts of deck gen, navgen, deck safety, etc.) Each module has hundreds to thousands of questions that can easily be used to help understand what kind of questions to expect.

Every day or so though I will make a point to touch up a formula that will be used (Geographic/Luminous range, Trig, stability, ).

The most important thing in my opinion is to stay consistent. On the main page is an option to explore his tutorials for several different modules and the information provided is invaluable for those who to need to brush up on their math.

What did you use to study for the Navigation plotting?

I haven’t seen any video’s on it.