Mariner advancement software

As anyone used this software? I just purchase it and intend on using it to study for my mate exam.

Any experience with it?

Thanks ahead of time.

Capt Joe’s is good for formula problems and for step by step procedures. Bite the bullet and pay for Lapware. I went round for round and ended up with Lapware. I don’t like some of the solutions provided by Lapware…but that’s where Capt Joe’s comes in. Dont bother with hawsepipe unless you want digital pubs and things of that nature. I haven’t used the software you mentioned. Seriously, get Lapware…for real…it’s the real deal Holyfield! Good Luck.

Thanks, I will as soon as I am finished with my classes, adv. fire left. For lap ware you need your test numbers correct? Does lap ware have a mobile version you can use on your iPhone? We are rarely in an area with service and don’t have wifi on the boat.

I will also look up the Capt. Joe’s you are referring which I assume Is a book?

Captain Joe’s is a CD or a zip drive. Google it and it’ll show up. About 60.00 and well worth it due to the fact that you don't need interweb service. With Lapware you can print full generated tests and study off of them while off the dock. Do a gCaptain search on key word Lapware and some posts will show up. If you're serious about your studies and licensing advancement....use Lapware. And a word of advice for Terrestrial and Celestail Navigation....find a Navy Quartermaster and pay them to teach I ever spent. Those QM’s are untouchable when it comes to old school real world navigation. Some may say don’t spend the $ and teach yourself…that’s cool too. To each his own. I recently tested for 3rd mate and did all that I’m saying in practice. It worked for me and I’m not the brightest crayon in the box…just sayin.

Will do, thanks again!! I haven’t met any navy quarter masters but I do have a few academy guys on board with me who just graduated so I would guess the terrestrial should be fresh in their minds.

Thanks once again guys, doing my best to work my way up!

No worries, hit me up if I can help. Good luck.

I found the Mariner Advancement to be good for rapidly going through ROR, Deck Safety and Deck General questions. You can fly through them quickly without a lot of mouse clicks. Also it does not require internet access. But for the rest, I agree Lapware is the best.

The Murphy books are great for the General topics. Captain Joes CD is good for the price and not having to be online although it is a PC based program. Lapware is worth the $. I use it to print out a bunch of tests every week and to look up solutions to some of the topics I’ve never been taught. For rules I like to get on Lapware and set it to all the questions and just sit and go through a couple hundred. I feel very good about all subjects after studying for 7 weeks and that includes the Great Lakes pilotage I must also study for. Just wish the government would start working again so I could go to the REC and test.