Captain Joe's or Mariner Advancement?

I’m getting ready to start studying for my chief mates and am stuck between Captain Joe’s and mariner advancement to use while offshore.

I can’t tell if there’s any big differences between these two programs. Is one better than the other for test generation? or explaining tricky questions?

I realize both of these programs have both kind of been covered in the forum, but they have never really been compared. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

When I was studying for my 3rd mate offshore I used capt Joe’s and Hawsepipe(do not think they are around anymore) they worked great with each other. Capt Joe’s was lacking in some areas but I really liked the way they broke down the different modules. This was 10 years ago so they may have improved alot by than.

I really liked Capt Joe’s but might recommend another program to work in tandem.

I used Captain Joe’s when I upgraded to 2/M-1600 Master and found it very useful. When I did CM/Master I used LAPWare (Murphy). To be honest, other than the ability to drill down to review specific question areas with LAPWare (but it is more expensive), they were equally useful.

I say go with Captain Joe’s. He will answer emailed questions from you as well.

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Thanks for the advice! I talked with some friends and they all suggested captain joes as well.

If you have an iPad get Upgrade U, that’s what I used. It helps to have the disposaly pubs in a laptop to reference because the interface to switch back and forth on the iPad is not the best.