Capt joes deck license program

Can anyone tell me how to access the operating manuals folder in capt joes program?

I found it, thanks anyway

That’s good.
Because some of us have absolutely no idea what you are talking about,

Have another one hope u can answer out there, i have capt joes training program but its not explainong how to work the nav problems, at least not to my satisfaction. Do u know of any software that explains how to work those problems in detail? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Lapware is better than capt joes u think?

I don’t know, never used Capt Joes. Lapware taught me how to do a few problems here and there though. The way they solve problems isnt always the same as from school but theres a worked out solution on most problems that involve math.

Lapware is better but needs internet access. Capt. Joe’s does not need internet. I think Capt Joe’s often has better ways of solving problems. I use to use them both.

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Thank you