Post 2014 Lapware Reviewing Questions

I am starting to study for my CM/MA unlimited on lapware and Upgrade U.

Does anyone know which license exam to pick for the post 2014 rules? I can find them when generating a test, but when doing the review im lost with so many options.

Also, does Upgrade U reflect the new rules, or do they have the old question banks?

I know not much has changed, but I dont want to study the wrong question banks.

And in reading older forums, I appreciate, and agree with the fact that older guys think that question banks are stupid and us “newbies” should all learn the material and know it by heart… but that doesnt change the fact that there is a question bank now, and we are going to study it.

Thank you!

seems as though upgrade u and lapware are set up differently ( secition on each have a different number of total questions)

also, is this correct :: use the filter “15BR=CM/MA AGT O/NC-RIG 2M, RIG CM AGT O/NC” for all modules excluding deck general. (found in another forum)

I’m in the same boat. I believe we can take all the old tests, with the exception of rules, which is the Q100 module on lapware.

For all the others, use the 15XXX modules

The approval letter you get from the Coast Guard will tell you which exam modules you will have. Another way to do it is by subject. Look on the Coast Guard web site for what subjects are in each listed module and filter your lapware studies by the subject. For example, I’m approved to test using Q100-109 and part of that is Deck General A. It includes the following.

Shipboard Management and Training:
Personnel Management
Shipboard Organization
Required Crew Training
Ship Sanitation
Vessel Alteration/Repair/Hot Work

So if I were to study for that I would use the Lapware and go to
New Deck General - All Questions

And then filter by the individual subjects.

Did you become a second mate after 2014? or does this not matter?

dont want to study the wrong questions.

also, do you know how and to what extent the new questions differ?

MMy 2nd mate time began prior to March2014, so I’m going with the old scheme…so I’m not too focused on the new scheme and set of questions. If your sea time didn’t start before March 2014, you have to take the new set of questions.

As for the differences between the 2 sets of questions, you’ll have to dig through the NMC website. You can find what subjects each test encompasses and compare the two.

Off the top of my head, I know tanker operations are on the old tests, but not on the new. Not near a computer right now so I don’t have the info handy.

Yeah my time started after March 2014… So I believe I have to take the new scheme.

Just confused on lapware since there are a few different options, all having a different amount of questions.

Work with the Q100-109 modules then for generating test templates. For reviewing all questions, look at 15XX and use the filters to selected the subjects that start with “New”

Mine started well before 2014, but I took the new modules after studying almost solely with UpgradeU and reference books. Personally, the new modules weren’t drastically different from the old ones from what I experienced. If you know the material, and don’t just memorize answers you’ll do fine.

I actually learned a lot by going through the deck general questions and reading the answers (not just memorizing the answers but actually learning the material) and for many I looked up the source material given to see why the answer was the way it was.