Third Mate- New or Old Modules?

I’m starting studying for 3rd Mate Unlimited and I’m eligible to take either the new or old exams.

Since I have access to the entire question bank for the old exams, that seems to makes more sense…but the Coast Guard is telling me that mariners have higher success rates with the new ones. Any advice? Thanks.

Also, best study program to work with- Lapware?

That’s interesting. I wonder why?

I used lapware a bunch of times and overall I think it’s great. You need an internet connection though.
The capt joe cd was great too. No connection needed, and for some things his explanations were easier for me to understand than lapware.

I never used upgradeu but some folks on here swear by it.

The USCG exams were far too easy with the absurdity of all questions and answers published for idiots to memorize instead of learning the skills and materials necessary to pass the exams.

Isn’t it obvious that far too many under-qualified mariners have gotten licenses too soon?

Don’t tell me that the USCG has made the new unpublished exams even easier.

I took the 1st A/E in March, I took the new exams, it was pretty easy, talked with a friend who took the old exam, he said it was hard. I used MA, every question on the test was on the MA thumb drive.

I’m sure the bridge licenses will be the same

Either way you have to study your balls off, and if you study your balls off you’ll pass.


Thanks, what’s MA?

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Mariner Advancement

i’ve used mariner advancement as well.
for deck licenses I say you get the most bang for your buck with the capt joe cd.
when I did my engine license mariner advancement worked good for me as well.

I have the old and new question banks if you would like them. Let me know.

Thanks everyone on this thread for the advice, I really appreciate it

For third mate, there is very little difference in the subjects tested under the old and new rules.

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Concur on all of Ctony’s comments, ditto for the Joe Lobo CD.