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I am studying for my third mates exam via lapware. When using review questions, which license do I select out of the 30 or so available. I have not gotten a solid answer on which one to study with. All of them are described using acronyms so its hard to tell which is which. Any LAPWARE help or 3rd mate studying help would be greatly appreciated. Exam 14BR seems to be the closest I can find. Thanks!


You need to study the module number for the exam you will take at the coast guard rec. when you get your letter of approval it will have a
Module number rules is 054, deck gen 141, Nav gen, 142, deck safety, 143, Nav probl NC, 145, Nav prob celestial, 146, Nav prob chart, 144. I don’t know if it has changed but these were what I studied last year and these were the modules for third mate last year. Someone said that the coast guard dosnt have module numbers anymore but I am not exactly sure.

Email Richard Plant using the “contact” option. He is very helpful.

[QUOTE=Azimuth;91839]Email Richard Plant using the “contact” option. He is very helpful.[/QUOTE]

Absolutely !

Chúc ACE mua may bán d?t

My friend is studying this one:

Exam14 br = 3m/2m agt nc-org, rig 3m agt nc, inc ma agt gl&I

He goes to an academy though… He texted this to me, he was drunk so one or two letters may be a little off…