Lapware exam codes?

I just got lapware. I don’t see The exam codes that i need

Q136/Q137/Q138 to be honest.

I see 2nd/3rd AGT NC

since 500T mate and 3rd are the same would that one be the one i pick?

Lapware support fixed it.

Dude answers e-mails late holy shit that is support.

Now this is interesting

Here is what LAPWARE has done.

YOUR Exam code ONC04-B (the B is for NEAR COASTAL).

NOTE, it is required that you take Azimuth and/or Amplitude of ANY BODY.


NMC has been operating behind closed doors since September 2016. They have had PLENTY of time, especially during Covid (2020 and 2021), to create and post NEW QUESTIONS in their database. As has been seen by many mariners at the State and Federal schools, NEW chart plots for each area have been given during exams with a passing rate that was a disaster (12% TO 38%).

Oh Snap they DID update chart plot 2 months ago. It looks harder?

Lapware support last I checked is literally the owner/developer himself. And yes the gentleman is extremely helpful. He goes above and beyond to assist you.

The pass rates have been a disaster because people are memorizing answers from old questions rather than learning the material.

NMC has been “operating behind closed doors” since 2016 because Congress told them to stop releasing the examination questions because people were just memorizing the solutions rather than learning the material. Since then, the NMC has run workgroups that review examination questions. The workgroups are announced on the NMC website. Feel free to offer your services if you think the examination questions are not appropriate.
exam_working_group_deck_update_0722.pdf (180.8 KB)