Oceans upgrade?

I took and passed my Third mate unlimited N/C this year .
A few weeks ago I applied for my oceans upgrade and got an approval to test
letter, it said that I have to take a 70 question navigation general test and the 15 question celestial exam . Does any one know if the navigation general test specified for the this upgrade is strictly a nav-gen test or is a combo general test eg:nav-gen ,deck-gen & safety into one 70 question test?

It is just nav general, this is where celestial theory questions show up. Anchorman did this, also. He may have more information.

The NMC sent the module numbers of the tests…look them up on Lapware if you use it…it will have all the questions that pertain to that module number… I am using that now for my Master AGT/NC upgrade…

Do I understand what was said correctly? Lapware has all the questions organized not just by topic, but by each module number that they appear on? It sounds like this would greatly reduce the number of questions that would need to be studied.

Yes, lapware does separate by module numbers. If you haven’t been using lapware, you’re wasting time, IMHO. It’s really great, I love the way they provide the worked out solution on the celnav modules.

Ok where is the best (cheapest) place to get Lapware?

I don’t think there are really any different price options. It was all Internet based last time I used it. www.lapware.org I believe is the only place you can access it. You have to pay a monthly subscription fee for every month you use it.

I think the price just went up slightly, but it probably saved me 20 hours of undirected study time. Well worth the $150 (apx)