Third mate oceans upgrade?

I took and passed my Third mate unlimited N/C this year .
A few weeks ago I applied for my oceans upgrade and got an approval to test
letter, it said that I have to take a 70 question navigation general test and the 15 question celestial exam . Does any one know if the navigation general test specified for the this upgrade is strictly a nav-gen test or is a combo general test eg:nav-gen ,deck-gen & safety into one 70 question test?t

I am in the same boat. If the coast guard told you it was a 70 question Nav general test, they are mistaken. It is a 15 question Nav problems test and 20 question Nav general tet. Not really sure what is covered in the nav gen test but you only need a 70% to pass. Wish I had more info for you. Good Luck!

thanks !! was able to get that cleared up and your information is correct .