I need some information for one of my Fellow co-worker he will apply for Mate 500 oceans but he already took an approved oceans course will he still be required to take a full exam or will nav problems oceans and nav general oceans course be excepted
Any thoughts on this situation he asked me but I’m clueless about this.

He probably needs the entire exam. Those courses are for an “increase in scope” to go from near coastal to oceans. If you need to take the entire exam, you can’t use a course for just one module.

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@jdcavo is right.

if your friend had applied for a Near Coastal license, sat for that license and then applied for the Oceans, they could have skipped the Navg. Problem Oceans and Navg General Ocean modules in the increase in scope upgrade

So I am interested to know if there are any thoughts on the NMC approving management level celestial courses for unlimited deck endorsements to meet the exam requirements and avoid testing for those modules at an REC? Earlier this year I commented on a thread in which it was shown that the NMC had approved some schools:

Provided the course completion certificate is submitted within one year of
course completion, the following Oceans Navigation professional examination
requirements Navigation General, Oceans and Navigation Problems: Oceans
for the following;
⦁ To increase the scope of an endorsement as second or third mate
of self-propelled vessels of unlimited tonnage from near coastal to

This seems like something that could be further expanded for management level unlimited endorsements, depending on the curriculum and syllabus for the course offered by the school. Successful completion of the course would meet the exam requirements to increase the scope of an endorsement as chief mate or master of self-propelled vessels of unlimited tonnage from near coastal to oceans.

It is not being considered. The policy has always been no courses in lieu of exam for over 200 GRT and for near coastal to oceans for 500/1600 GRT. But, since the oceans nav exam for Mate 500/1600 GRT to go from N/C to Oceans is the same as for 3rd/2nd Mate, the policy was expanded to include only those endorsements.

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Thanks for that Mr. Cavo, your post satisfies my curiosity as to the reasoning for the expansion of the policy.