Upgrade near coastal to oceans

So I could take a course and not en exam and add oceans

Depends on what you have already, and what you want to do. A course is only an option for an “increase in scope,” i.e. increasing an existing near-coastal endorsement to oceans.

Say master of tow nc to master of tow oceans

There are few classes out there where you wouldn’t have to go test at the REC or do any additional assessments for your increase in scope to Ocean routes but the one I went to was MPT.

There is certainly an exam, and it’s not easy.15 questions with running fixes, three star, all the sailings etc and you will have to do several practical assessments and the certificate covers Mate/Master up to Unlimited.

Ocean Towing endorsement is different I believe I think that was issued to me due to the route I was working during my observation time with no testing involved, well before my limitation on my actual license was removed/increased scope.

Maybe a smarter person can chime in here

You’re mixing STCW and national endorsements. There are assessments for STCW, and an exam for national endorsements. The Coast Guard only approves courses for the exam for an increase in scope from near coastal to oceans for up to 1,600 GRT and Third Mate.

If you don’t already have an endorsement for oceans, there is an exam for Master of Towing Vessels Oceans, see page 33 of the NMC’s Examination Guide. You didn’t specify, but it sounds like you qualified for Master of Towing by having an endorsement for Master 500 or 1,600 Oceans and completing the Near Coastal/Oceans TOAR. For that, there is no exam as you already tested to add oceans to your Master 500/1,600 endorsement.

I believe the poster was asking if he can go take a class and receive an increase in scope from NC to OC? And the answer to that is unequivocally yes, unless he’s rocking a chief mate/master Unl which if he were he wouldn’t be asking.

Hopefully this can clarify a little, the class at MPT…which I was referencing fully meets all training requirements as per 46 CFR 11.309(a)(4)(viii) and all celestial assessments (1.1.a through 1.1.f) from NVIC 02-18 and NVIC 12-14(ch-2h
Also the examination requirements for increase in scope of the following endorsements from near coastal to oceans: Second or Third Mate Unlimited, and Master or Mate of 1600gt or less. As well as the certificate of competency and prerequisites for Marshal Islands Master of Yachts.

So I could go master of tow nc and master 500 nc to oceans with just taking Celestial?