Chief Mate Unlim. Oceans Exam Modules

I’m currently 2nd Unlimited Oceans. Not far from sending in to be approved for chief mate oceans. I want to get a head start on studying the exact modules. I have a good idea of what to expect of course. If I’m reading the NMC website properly it’s Q100-Q109 which would be 10 modules.

Anyone received a letter to test or tested recently know the exact module numbers?

NMC Exam Guide.

If you’re testing for Oceans, It should be 9:

  1. Rules of the Road
  2. Chart Plot
  3. Navg Problems Ocean
  4. Navg Problems Near Coastal
  5. Navg General Oceans
  6. Deck Safety
  7. Deck Safety-Stability
  8. Deck Gen 1
  9. Deck Gen 2

You DO NOT need to take both Navg General exams. Check Page 14 of document Mr. Cavo posted for module numbers, number of questions and minimum passing score

Make sure your REC knows this too. I use one of the primarily inland ones and wound up doing both before the head guy asked the examiner, “Wait… why’d you make him do both of those?!”


It’s all about your approval letter. The examiner pulls the exams based on the letter.

If the letter does not follow what the Exam Guide states, call up your evaluator and ask for a correction.

With all due respect to the USCG, you need to know their rules and advocate for yourself.

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Good advice. If you wait until you go to the REC, it’s too late. The REC can’t make changes.


Appreciate the help. It’s about what I figured. 11 more months to study and collect sea time, then it’s on!

Follow up question. When I took the 3M exams we had to pass a minimum 4 modules on the first go around. How many modules need to be passed at first examination out of these 9 modules.?

It’s not how many you pass, it’s how many you fail. You can fail two and get re-takes of the failed modules. Three or more and you have to wait 90 days and take the entire exam. See 46 CFR 11.217.

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You must have tested for near coastal.