Exam Modules Question

Just curious, Ive been approved to test for my Mate/Pilot near coastal and have to take the following;
Q100- Rules of the Road inland and international
341- Deck and Nav General+Safety & Environmental protection.
I want to know how these modules differ from what I’ve seen on my 200 too Master exam (NC) and 1600 Inland exam. Any input welcome. Thanks in advance.

I expect the questions to be very similar to what you’ve already seen.


Provided yo took the previous exams less than 10 years ago, Rules will cover the same material, but the specific questions will vary as you are unlikely to get the same version of the test you took before. There is only one module for Int’l & Inland Rules (with multiple versions).

I have a simliar question. Ive been approved to test for 200 Ton master nc. I have to take on module. On the letter i received it says Module Q156 Navigation/Deck General/ Safety. Is that 3 tests crammed into one? Or am i gona take all 3 separate? And i cant find any study material on the particular module?

I recommend Hawespipe. It has the questions almost word for word like they are in the exam.
I’ve always wondered why they different"modules" for the same subjects. That’s what throws me off. I’ve ordered different flash drives from Hawespipe for all my exams.

Unless it listed them separately with three different module numbers then it’s one combined module.

Different license levels have different difficulty’s of exam and Master vs Mate has slightly different topics, all within the same topic (like Deck General, or Deck Safety).

Makes sense. Thanks.

Good evening everyone. I’ll have to take the Q-150 and Q-152. I downloaded the sample questions from both tests. What are the chances those would be the test questions I probably would be taking anyway?! Thanks for the reply.

By the way. This test is for a change of route in my 200 GRT from inland to NC.
Q-150 (Deck General) and Q-152 (Navigation General - Oceans or Near Coastal).

Where did you download the sample questions from?

And thanks everyone for the info

Found it on google. I can post the link here.

There are many sources of the existing USCG exam questions. Lapware, Murphy books, Upgrade U, Hawespipe, Seasources, Google, all of the prep schools, etc. New Undisclosed questions are being slowly added and old published questions are being slowly withdrawn. Most of the exams draw from the same pool of questions. Some exams draw on easier questions from the pool.

The specialized limited license exams that combine multiple topics into one module, like Nav/deck/safety, tend to be quite easy. The pass rate on those combined modules must be quite high.

It’s one module with questions from all three general subject areas. The number of questions is listed ion the NMC’s exam guide.

The data is not representative. For licenses below 200 GRT, the very large majority of applicants take a Coast Guard approved course instead of a test at an REC.