Test Module Confusion

Good Morning,

I have a 3/M of Unlimited Tonnage Upon Oceans and
Mate (pilot) of Towing Vessels Upon Oceans

I have to take the following Modules
Q100 Rules of the Road
011X1 Deck / Nav General and Deck Safety
Q203 Deck Safety and Environmental Protection

A friend of mine only had to take Module 011X1 What is the difference in license or scope between our two tests? We both applied for Master 1600 and were approved to test.


Did you apply for second mate?

Did he apply for second mate?

We both applied for National Endorsement :Raise of Grade Master 500-1600
Oceans / Near Coastal

When did your qualifying sea time start?

When did his qualifying sea time start?

I have been 2/M on an ATB for 5 years and C/M for 2.5yrs, starting in June of 2015
Can’t say for him, but I assume it has to do with the March 2014 regulation?

You should tell the evaluator you want to test under the old rules, which they should have automatically done.

What you posted is the difference between the new and old exams.

Will do. Thanks for the reply and I apologize for the delayed response, underway yesterday.