Approved for mate 500-1600 inland - now what to study?

currently have an unlimited AB and I remember that when I took that test I found that I over studied and could have passed with 6 months less studying.

I’ve been approved for testing for Mate 1600 Inland and I have a letter stating that I will test on modules:
054 rules
072x1 nav general
073 chart nav
261 deck general,safety, and environmental protection

I took a 200 ton course on the recommendation of a friend.
He said that it would prepare me a bit for the Mate’s test

I also have a ton of materials
Murphy books, The newest Wing book, lots of misc other books, older houston marine books, some stability books, Coast Pilot, Bowditch , various software , and have looked at most of the free test study websites.

I have thought of using Lapware

also thought of taking a prep class - I’m assuming most just teach the test ( I don’t like that idea )
I could have comfort from learning “the test” and knowing that i would pass it but I’d like to get more than that from a class.

From what I have read , I need to know all of the rules of the road - not just inland?
But, Do I need to study all of the questions in all of the Murphy books ?
For example, should I know every question in the deck book? I’m assuming not.

If I study all the materials that I have I could study for the next few years.

Also, what kind of calculator do you recommend to use.
My father gave me his old one he used 40 years ago

  • it’s a slide rule (maybe there is a good reason to use one)

How well does a nautical slide rule work with regards to the exam.
I know that it isn’t exact . But, it would be a lot less prone to error or brain fog.


Ah, the old question of what to study! A lot of us here have been trying to figure that out. We were trying to get some more definite ideas in the “Tests and Exams” thread, but weren’t that successful.

Unless you take a class, it is hard to filter out the questions that you will need for any particular module, and you will end up studying way too many subjects that won’t be on your tests. It is always nice to have any instructor who is continually getting feedback on what questions are on which mods.

The Capt. Joe CD has started filtering the questions by the level to be tested, and he is continuing to refine it. The progarm is nicely laid out, has the solutions to the problems, and you do not need an internet connection. CD is also good, but does not have the solutions, but has all the books on it sin pdf format. Great library on your computer.

The Murphy books don’t filter out that well. Great books if you are going unlimited.

A number of members here have liked Lapware.

Good luck!