Testing for 200T Master N/C & 1600T Mate Inland

I was recently “Approved to Test” by the NMC after 3 months of waiting. Does anyone have any suggestions of what I can expect for testing for my 200T Master N/C & 1600 Mate Inland? I am currently wearing out my set of METS books and Murphy Books as well. Am I over doing it or on the right track? Also, I need a good lesson on figuring Trim & Stability, for some reason I can’t get it to soak into my thick head.



There were folks that said that I “over studied” - personally I had so much time & money invested in the process that I kept at it to the end, and my grades showed it. There is the pass/fail mentality, which is fine for some, but I didn’t want it to come down to one question…I believe that you’ll have a rolling period question and…Capt. Fran, can you fill in the rest!
Sail, good luck with the exams! Then you can join the job hunt with the rest of us! :cool:

Thanks! I will check with Fran. Luckily, I’m upgrading from my 100T N/C and I’m one of the lucky few that already has a job waiting for me. It has been a long run thus far but I’m in the home stretch!

Thanks again!

if you are not aware you can take the 200 ton mate/master class for about 600 dollars, 1 week and test at the school, that test took 20 minutes, it was easier than the 100 ton class, you will need 3 charts to practice plus light books…i took the class last year at mpt, you plot several courses, very easy, plus a rules test if i remember,charts were long island sound, block island,Chesapeake bay, also tides and currents book

I was toying with the notion of doing a “school test” but could not get a clear answer from the NMC about what I could opt out of for my 1600 Mate test. If all I have to test on at the REC is the 1600 Deck General module (261XX), I would be a happy camper!

I have been working with the Tide/Current Tables, charts, and assorted play things and luckily not as rusty as I thought!

the 200 master test and the 1600 mate test are 2 different test, they require different schooling and different stcw classes, for the 200 master test only BST is needed, but for the 1600 mate, 18 classes and assessments are needed,different tests all-together

My 1600 Mate is Inland

[QUOTE=SailComeMonday;17046]My 1600 Mate is Inland[/QUOTE]

so with an inland license you do not need the 18 classes i take it, kind of makes since,

Exactly, I am holding off on doing my 18 classes and assessments until later, but I need my 1600 Mate Inland like 3 months ago.

Mr 100, I think SC Monday was refering to 1600 ton mate " Inland " not NC…I was under the same impression about the STCW classes but it’s not required for that license…I’m thinking about doing the same thing in January when I get a little more recency in…

Passed today! WOOT!


[QUOTE=SailComeMonday;18220]Passed today! WOOT![/QUOTE]

Double woot and big congrats!