Mpt 200t

Can anyone give me an idea of what’s on the exam. I have books for 100T and 200T. All the lady said was you don’t take a rules test and it is easier then the 100T master. Ok but I still would like to know what the chart exam looks like or at least have an idea.

You guys are holding out on information

I was a 200t at one point, but I didn’t do the course at MPT. The following information is also 14 years old but here it goes anyway…

I was upgrading from 100t to 200t. The prep course at the school I went to was the first week of the 500/1600/3rd mate prep course. It was basically a crash course on charting and tides and currents. I want to say the upgrade was two modules, one being deck general/deck safety and the other being charting. The charting and tides/currents are definately more challenging than the 100t exam.

Since this was 14 years ago i would refer you to check out the deck and engineering exam guide to know exactly what modules the test would be.

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From what I remember (2 yrs ago) I took the upgrade from 100t to 200t
It’s a lot math and vessel stability for loading. I don’t have my books close at hand. If I can lay hands on them I’ll report in.

Thank you. I do think tides and currents are still on the test. I like to learn these things over weeks and not cram this shit in 4 days and test on the 5th. I do not like to study like that.

Just use Lapware and Capt Joe’s to learn it on your own, or pre learn it before you take a course.

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sorry I can’t help. All I ever did were engineer tests … of course they are much more difficult!!

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I would apply if you haven’t. Once approved you will know which modules the test is and then you will have a year to either pass at the uscg or pass at the school. You may want to consider self studying and blowing off doing the course. Like tug sailor mentioned, the capt joe or lapware study material are both good self study options. A thumbdrive from mariner advancement too.

Or, like i said earlier, consult the deck and engineering exam guide to get a heads up on the modules and then do some self studying.

Thanks for the replys. My question was just for the MPT test. I pre paid for the 100T and the 200T test at mpt. I have all of the videos from practical navigator so i don’t need capt joes or lapware. I just wanted to know what types of questions were on the 200T that is given at mpt. Tides and currents is one type of problem but just wanted to know what other “Types” were on the MPT test. The other problem is i do not have any sea time in the last 5 years so asking the uscg if i can test would be a no. I will be taking these classes then getting a deck hand job for the 90 days active time to apply it.

Check out 46 CFR 11.910 (link here)

I believe MPTs test is no different than what you take at the REC. The subjects you’re tested on will match the chart in the CFR I referenced.

Lapware and Captain Joe’s have most of the actual USCG questions that will be on your exam at MPT or anywhere else.

Coast Guard approved courses have to give a test that is comparable in scope and difficulty to the Coast Guard exam. If it is on the USCGexam, it has to be on the school’s exam.

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Thanks I’m looking into the posted cfr. So in the pictures I am guessing 200t mate NC is line 4.

Are you taking the class at MPT then taking the test? If so, you are overthinking this. They will teach you what you need to know to pass the test.

Correct. I am building a folding chart table that i can slide under my bed when at home and not in use. I hate cramming knowledge. I am serious. I do not like going into these types of classes 100% blind and struggle. I like to go into classes and take an easy while all the others are studying for 5 hours a night.

Engineers get all the credit and none of the respect. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: