MPT instructor says Amplitude and Azimuth on 200T

Told me today those questions will be on my exam when i take my 200T upgrade after doing my 100T. I finish on Feb 11 anyone take the class at mpt? what else should i learn because the sample exam does not line up with the school. More over they say it is easier. I have to learn amps and azimuth but the course is easier then 100T. The Fuck?

Table 1 to § 11.910 - Codes for Deck Officer Endorsements

This table provides all of the examination subjects for every deck officer endorsement. You aren’t very specific, but I’ll assume that you are upgrading from 100 GRT NC to 200 GRT NC. The associated column in the table that applies to this situation is #4 [Master, oceans/near-coastal, and mate, near-coastal, less than 200 GRT (includes master, near-coastal, less than 100 GRT)]. The footnoted subjects marked with a 7 are the ones specifically required for 200 GRT that weren’t for 100. So yes, azimuth and amplitude are required in addition to a dozen or more other topics.

But if you are only taking the upgrade exam from Master Near Coastal Less than 100 GRT to Master/Mate Near Coastal Less than 200 GRT, then it is only one 50 question module (Q156).

Perhaps this is what was meant by “easier.”

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You are correct. NC to NC. I was lost as mpt says no plotting.But yes. I just don’t know how they squeeze all of that in 4 days and have a good passing rate. On the other hand I am a slower learner.

You cleared some stuff up. I will have 2 weeks off before i start the class after this so i should go into it knowing it more or less.

You only need a 70% on the module to pass. That means you can miss 15/50 questions and still be successful. So if you know the original 100GRT subjects well, you can easily get by without even learning any of the additional subjects. But that wouldn’t be as fun.

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