Latest CFR Table re Deck License Exam Topics - Mate 500 NC

Wonder if 46 CFR 10.910 (the table with examination topics required for each kind of license)
has changed recently. The table that looks like a large spreadsheet, with an "X"
alongside each subject required for the various license types in columns across the top.

I’m getting mixed signals from this forum and elsewhere on the topics required for
the Mate 500 Near Coastal exam.

Topics such as Azimuth and Amplitude, Zone time of sunrise, the sailings -

I’ve heard these topics, which I think are Oceans topics, are being included in the
NC exam because now, under STCW, there is no discriminating between Oceans and NC.
Or maybe it’s that these topics will be included in the future, but are not yet being included
by the USCG…

Also, part of the problem may be that accurate filtering of the study material is hard to obtain.
Capt Joe, Lapware, Hawsepipe may be lumping together Mate and Master, or NC and Oceans
in their question pools.

Latest 10.910 I found (using Google) is dated 2008 or 2001, depending where on
the document you look. SIgh…

I am assuming (yes, I know, dangerous word) that my exams will be in accordance with
Table 10.910. So I’d like to be sure I get the latest.

Anyone got accurate skinny on this, please let me know!

Ahh, the joys of trying to figure out what to study for when you are going the self study route.

For NC better know azimuth and amplitude (celestial and visible horizon).

Yes, the USCG is ignoring the table you mentioned when testing at the ocean level. Here’s a link to the current CFRs. The table has been renumbered, and is now 46 CFR 11.910:

Best study at the 2nd mate level if you want to pass oceans.

Thanks water. In that table, it seems the same topics are X’d as in the older table.

Nonetheless, I guess I’d better learn Azimuth and Amplitude for NC.

I had hoped I could simply study the topics listed in the table.
Guess it doesn’t work that way.

Thanks again -

azimuth of the sun, amplitude of the sun, no sunrise sunset, no eta, you will have one tide, and one current. a leeway problem, a gyro error, a mag error, distance by two bearings ie. a table 7 problem, a propeller slip, no fuel consumption, 'Ill have to think about what else.

Thanks very much, Diesel!