500 Inland Test Insights

Has anyone taken the Mate/Master 500 Inland recently and can offer some insights on their testing/studying experience–especially for Nav General and Chart Plotting? I’m getting ready to test and want to narrow down my studying.

I tested for 1600 mate inland this year and found it to be almost identical to the 100/200 near coastal. Rules had new questions that are not in any study guide I think. They were worded slightly different, just enough to change the answer. Chart plot was basic. Tide height and current, fixes by gps, three objects, bearing and range of a light, and a running fix. Time / speed / distance, what depth contour are you over, what is the bottom composition, what does the shore look like, and what is the range of a lighthouse. TVMDC+W, gyro error, compass error, and have you passed the demarcation line yet. I think that covers it. Good luck!

Appreciate it!