Approved to test

I’m finally approved to test for my 1600 ton mate N/C. But had a quick question I went online to make an appointment at the rec. Do I just make one appointment say on a Monday or do I need to make one for each day I plan on testing? Thanks everyone.

As I recall, you make one appointment. They will likely require you to take a minimum of one mod in the AM and one in the PM. If you have six mods, then it you would be testing on M, Tu & W.

You may likely be able to request the order in which the mods are given if you let them know in advance.

You should be able to find the REC tel number through a google search. The NMC site usually only give the 800 number that rings through to the NMC.

Good luck with your tests!

I just tested last month and had 9 modules. I called the REC in Baltimore directly to avoid confusion. I was told that I had to take a minimum of 2 modules a day and they made me seperate appointments for each day of testing. They also sent confirmation emails which was great. I think the new centralized NMC process is awesome. It really streamlines the process!

I just passed all my tests for my mate 1600 NC.

Congrats on passing!

Thank you it’s a huge weight of my shoulders.