Tell apart Oceans and Near Coastal Questions

I am studying to test for a 1600 ton mates near coastal license, and would like to go through questions from the test bank provided by the NMC ( However, there is only one file each for Navigation General and Navigation Problems, and there does not seem to be any indication of which problems pertain to the oceans test and which are near coastal. Is there a way to tell by the question number (column labeled ABS)? Does anyone know of somewhere that has these files split by test type?

Spend the money on lapware, problem solved.

You are testing for a 1600 ton license and don’t know 46 CFR 10.910 ?
…you have some studying to do.

You could also buy the Murphy Books or download an app for iPhone/iPad called UpgradeU. Any money you spend on studying is well worth it, don’t be a cheapskate when it comes to this.

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I realize there are a few paid options, the primary ones seeming to be the Murphy Books and Lapware. I was hoping to get by without spending too much as the license is a secondary benefit of a training program I completed and not directly necessary for my job or future intentions. I will be testing under the pre-2014 rules, and I’m not sure how those resources discriminate between the differences either, especially Lapware since it is not fixed to a printing time like the books. The latest message on the home page seems to indicate they take that into account, but its not fully clear you can choose that option.

Has no one really run up against the discrimination of questions before? It seems strange that there is a free resource that with some minimal coding I can turn into automatically generated random tests but no one seems to have done this other than the paid options? I’ve already converted the question banks into computer readable format and will probably just make an option to mark questions as oceans related as they come up in my testing program. Also, the CFR relating to test questions is now (and was recently even before the 2014 switch) 46 CFR 11.910.

My reply seems to been lost in moderation, but I still find it strange that the numbers don’t correspond to types. I know the now CFR 11.910 lists areas specific to each test, but have also heard that it isn’t fully correct, perhaps particularly in respect to the pre-2014 version that I will be testing under.

Thanks LI_Domer for the tip on UpgradeU, I hadn’t heard about it and it is a much cheaper solution to get started and figure out where I need to concentrate studying than Lapware, plus I can use it in spare time on the go.

Absolutely, it helped me recently. I even still use it to look stuff up.

If your testing under the old rules you will not get a Mercator sailing on the near coastal exam. (Lapware will still spit them out) lapware will also spit out amplitudes and azimuths of everything. You will only get ones of the sun! Tides and current calculations on lapware are under navigation general. Not TNAV.

Did anyone that tested for an upgrade from near coastal to oceans for 3M (modules 146xx and 147xx) get tide and current problems? I had some on my near coastal deck general exam a couple years back but I’m hearing rumors of Tide and current problems on the celestial exam(146)???