Coast Guard Tests Books

I got this off Lapware this morning :

[B]In response to a query from a LAPWARE user I have inquired with the NMC about the removal of the United States Annotated Code. Here is the repsonse![/B]

[B][I]“The students should be able to memorize the bank of questions pertaining to this issue. The USCA (U.S. Code Annotated) is being pulled from the Exam rooms.”[/I] NMC[/B]


[B][I]“I have never been on a vessel that had the US Code on board, nor have any of the 7 other mariners in this division. We consider these to be questions that should be answered without a reference. For example, a mariner isn’t going to consult the US Code to figure out if something needs to be recorded in an official log, they need to know what goes in there.”[/I][/B]

[B]James D. Cavo

Chief, Mariner Training & Assessment Division (NMC-2)[/B]

Are thhey planning on removing any other references?

I’m SO glad I’m done testing… this brings back yucky memories.

Apparently, they’ve done this without letting the schools know. Surprise!

How many “US Code” questions are we taking about here anyway?

We have no plans to remove any other references. Lapware did not bother to also report that we indicated those questions which are not considered to be required knowledge have been removed from our pool of questions that will appear on examinations. The questions we retained number less than 50, and are of the “ship’s business” variety that appear on Deck General exams. I would estimate that no more than 3 to 5 might appear on a 70 question exam. Also, they appear mostly on the unlimited tonnage Chief Mate/Master exam. Anyone sitting for this exam would have had to take an STCW “Ship Management” course where this same material is (or is supposed to be) taught. In fact, there is a very good chance if you took that course you had the exact same questions on the course’s exam, as most of the schools giving approved Ship’s Management courses did not create their own exam questions but simply copied questions from the Coast Guard pool.

How many of you have a copy of the U.S. Code on your vessels? If you don’t have a copy, how are you going to handle something if you don’t know the answer, only that it can be found in a book you don’t have access to?

Crowley Tugs all are just getting the new pink or salmon colored US code books. What a bright addition to the wheelhouse from the ugly brown covered ones I just recycled. Please thank your color coordination.

I am still trying to figure this one out. Here I am, on my laptop with a plethora of reference information on it (no not porn). I carry my laptop with me onboard ALL the time. Which, by the way I do have USC 46 on it. So my question is, why could I not use my laptop when testing? This is a silly question! I guess what I am trying to say is even if the vessel does not have it (hard copy) on board, does not mean that a professional mariner would not have it in electronic form. :cool:

We have the US Code on our Bridge with the CFRs.

Those books are most likely the CFR books, not the US Code.

No ,the U.S. Code Annotated is different from CFR 46 , 33 and 49.

Every vessel I’ve been on had a Title 46 USC

No!!! We are NOT removing the CFR. We have removed the U.S. Code Annotated (USCA).

Pic of USCA

<?xml:namespace prefix = v ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:vml” /><v:shapetype class=inlineimg id=_x0000_t75 title=“Stick Out Tongue” alt="" stroked=“f” filled=“f” path=“m@4@5l@4@11@9@11@9@5xe” src=“images/smilies/tongue.gif” smilieid=“5” border=“0” v:shapetype o<>The CFR questions are intended to test your ability to find a regulation, the USCA questions are intended to test whether you know the law as it applies to you. Also, not all RECs had the USCA in the exam room, so if you can’t recall which one of the books in the exam room was the USCA, it might be because it wasn’t there.

James D. Cavo
Chief, Mariner Trarining & Assessment Division
USCG National Maritime Center

How to handle it? Google the USC.

I should have paid attention in law school when they taught us not to ask a question unless you know the answer and can prove it (try on the bloody glove, OJ). Still, we consider the USCA questions to be something that should be known without a reference.