Steady 80-90% percent on Lapware going to cut it?

I’m studying for 3rd Mate unlimited. For Deck general (minimum passing 70%), I’m looking for some reassurance that if I consistently score in the 80s on Lapware I’ll be good. What would you shoot for on Lapware to be confident of passing?

I shot for the 90’s on my study tests and came through just fine. You doing the Q modules or the old ones?

The Qs. But I think I’m eligible for both. Is one better than the other?

I had the new Q’s (though I was supposed to have the old modules). Honestly, the questions seemed identical. But the order of the answers has changed, so don’t try any memory tricks for memorizing the letter of the answer. I also had a few that I’d call misplaced. A rotary current question from Nav Gen Oceans in with the Nav Probs. Other than that, they were about the same.

Once I consistently scored 90s on the 70 percent req. modules, I tested and had no issues. Scored over 85 on all of them.

The answer choice order is now randomly generated.


Are you just taking practice tests or have you spent some time reviewing the whole test pool? I ask because I have found that both Lapware and UpgradeU’s practice tests can be repetitive and not representative of the whole pool.

If you have been doing both, I usually tell students that consistent scoring 10 pts above the minimum passing score is a good base line for passing IRL

Keep doing practice tests, until those questions look familiar and answering that question recognizing the correct answer becomes habit. Worked for me, short rules because our seminar teacher put us through the ringer. Lapware works, just have to keep at it.

Thank god for that!


Thanks much for the advice.

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Amen to that. I was actually glad to see that too.