US Navy Abolishing Ratings!

What in the world has happened to the Navy! If this isn’t the most insulting act that the brain trust in the Pentagon has dreamt up!

Trying to post the link to the Navy Times Article! Damnit!

you mean this one?
Navy scuttles sailors’ enlisted rating titles in huge career shake-up


Thank You Sir! Damn phone is seriously becoming a pain in the ass!

With the stroke of a pen 91 ratings gone! Making the Navy more gender neutral! That is so BS! I sailed with women on a couple different commands! They were as proud of their rates as I am of mine!

Could this be Mabus’s way of trying to have everything lined up to turn KP into Annpolis North!

Call them whatever you like, they still won’t be able to keep an LCS running for more than a few weeks before it breaks or they break it.