MEBA Group 3- Pay Outlook

Alright, is there anybody that has recently struggled to MEBA group 2 that can give me a prospect of how I might fair, monetarily speaking, sitting in the hall year round trying to get work as a group 3 with with a 2AE? I recently tried working on ATBs and it just isn’t my thing as an engineer.So back to hall for me I think.

Only thing is I have a wife and a 1 year old at home so I have to make enough to take care of them, like many other Mariners on here.
Ive seen MEBA guys living out of cars in seattle, but Im not sure how motivated they were to work.They seemed pretty content actually.
Im local to the Seattle hall.

Ive seen some other topics like this but they are a bit dated and I know work comes and goes.

Any info from the MEBA guys on here would be greatly appreciated!

Try a different hall than Seattle. It’s a lot of group ones looking for the high paying ships, and everyone else fighting for ferry jobs. They also got the green river killer suspect and the patrolman is morbidly obese. It’s fucking bullshit.

PM me if you want. I’ll give you my best advice, but it involves travel to a different hall.


What is this a scooby doo episode?

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They at least finally voted to cover their own share of the union dues. Get to the gulf or NY hall

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Seattle is pretty dead. You could try calling NCL America and see if they are hiring. As soon as you are able to, get your ass to Easton and get some classes that will put you in a better position to get work. If PCS is awarded the Watson class again you really need to get your GT/GOV vessel requirements. This will be your best bet at steady work as a 3rd or 2nd without having to sit in a hall. The 2nd on my ship had his relief bail at the last minute and his job went open, you could have grabbed that if you had the GOV classes and a GT endorsement. Get your 1st ticket as soon as possible and working will be much easier. If the Watson class go away next April all bets are off. Call OSG and see if they need bodies.

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Im actually planning on taking the first GT xover at Mid Atlantic Maritime I can early next year. Have to call around for the “hit list” of Gov requirements as well as see what the outlook is on that too.
The Watson class contracts are something Im gona keep a close eye on now, I dont know much about the contract or class at all. I think some digging is in order now.
Thanks for the advice!

You need to start heading south. SF, LA, Houston. Try OSG. They pay decent but most west coast guys don’t want tankers

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OSG always needs engineers!