A update since last Feb

So if you scroll down (topics) you can see a post from me back in Feb.

I ended up doing 2 months of training in NJ…that place really blows! Good thing whiskey was cheap and everyone clicked so it made it go by not to painful. Ended up getting to the East Coast Pool and not even checking in but checking out. Was only there for 2 days due to medical tests and making sure I had the proper visa. Got placed on the famous “cruise ship” of the East Coast ships. Was a great ship, will be back, but as a entry level deck guy trying to get the RFPNW endorsement so I can use my AB license it blew. Took guys a average of 7-9 months to get their endorsement…that is with 3 watches a day. I only ended up working watch for 23 days as they had me feel in a AB spot until they could get someone to the ship. Other the that I stayed on deck and had a great time. Did 2 months training/neo, 5 months on a ship, 30 days leave and now sitting in San Diego waiting for my time to leave.

Did finally get orders after a week in the pool…man not really sure how guys do months on end in the pool. After the 3rd day I was hurting! Will never be back to Norfolk pool that is for sure. New things are taking place; I now see why the turn over rate is so high. Seems to be heading into the direction of the military side instead of civilian. Hated the pool exp. so am hoping the ship I am headed to is decent so I can do about a year before going home. New goal is get my sea time and exp and go get my 3/m, but in semi quick amount of time.

Overall have enjoyed it so far. Been to places I never thought I would have. Have met some great people and acquired new friends. Seems MSC does have it’s plus and minus but have been able to just ignore it so far.