Unidentified tanker(?) in New Orleans

can anyone help identify this ship on Google maps at the Southern Recycling facility in New Orleans, Louisiana.
I’m sure she has been scrapped by now.

odd looking for a tanker. looks more like a glorified barge.

and information greatly appreciated.

see here:

Click bait?

legit question. no click bait. promise

Link doesnt work…

Sorry about that guys, I forgot you have to be a member of that site to view the photos.
let’s try this link

This came up in a thread a few years ago. It’s a water tanker. Don’t remember the name. Pretty sure it’s 5-10-ish pages back in the “Pictures of Ships, Tugs, Workboats, etc…” thread started by Sweat-n-Grease way back when.

I see an old TECO barge in that bunch.

That picture is probably 5 years old. The notch barge may be the old Marie-Flood. That’s a 90 foot notch. The tanker may be an old sulphur boat…W.K. McWilliams or the Bento C. Schmidt. They used to be a blue hill with a White House. They used to run from Port Sulphur mile 39.4 Mississippi River right descending bank out to the Sulphur platform NE of SW Pass.

I think they were z drive…slow going shallow draft boats. Blue hull and white house.

Not the Sulphur boats. those were purchased and converted by Hornbeck offshore to the HOS Strong Line and HOS Center Line