Tanker Charleston gone

Dang looks like they scrapped the old Charleston. Last position appears to be on the beach in India. Don’t know if it had been posted here before but I just was sitting here thinking about her and checked into it. Lot of memories working with the old girl. Oh well.

Was she the “old” EXXON CHARLESTON?

Not sure, I only knew her as the rust bucket US Shipping chemical tanker! A common sight in the gulf and east coast petroleum ports.

Yes, that was her. I about cried the first time I walked up the gangway and saw all those pipes!

Man, I remember crawling the double bottoms on her. Actually, once one was down in them, they weren’t too bad. Well coated, reasonable headroom, large lightering holes in the floors. . . but that trip down and then back up the vertical trunk. . . .

43 cargo tanks and all the DB’s made shipyard a real treat for a 3/M!!!

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